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Men and Women are Different.

There, I said it. Why are people so afraid of the truth?   Deal with it. We are anatomically different, psychologically different, spiritually . . . well, we are just different. This is not a negative or a positive. It just is. It takes two genders to propagate a species. Usually.


There are a few species of lizard and several of fish that actually incorporate both genders into one body and some simply change from one to another as required. Seriously, no fun on a date but then you would never lose an argument with your mate.

What this means is that people who wish to change their sex are not alone in the animal world. The birds and the bees may not do it, but some fish in the seas do it. Sorry. Too soon? Hey, another truth. There are so many of them.

I am a woman. I started out as a chromosome, a baby and then a girl. Hey it was the fifties. I like being a woman. I like the power we inherently have. Start talking about women’s bodily issues and men disappear. Usually. There are a few brave enough to engage, but only a few. I like men. I like those with strength of character, strength of conviction, strength of . . . Well you get the point. I admire women with the same qualities.

I grew up in a home where my Father did certain jobs and my Mother did certain jobs. Most of those jobs were interchangeable. Each worked to their strength but together they made a successful partnership. That partnership lasted 58 years.

Now-a-days we are confused. Everyone wants to do everything and everyone wants to do nothing. I am generalizing here but I see too many women dressed as . . . um . . . are scantily clad and then become infuriated when men notice. I see men being open and honest and then are annoyed when it isn’t acknowledged. You don’t get brownie points for feeling, we all do it. We want others to fix problems we created and then are furious when it isn’t done the way we  want it.

We are all on this planet together and do not have any other place to go, so we need to figure out the living arrangements. We need to acknowledge each other and respect our differences. We need to respect the earth and the flora and fauna on it. We need to get along. Cuz the alternative is leaving . . . permanently. And that’s a dead end.