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Treatments for MS

I have been looking at alternative treatments for MS and have discovered there are thousands of them.  Literally.  From Aunt Maisie’s peach poultice to dried bat guano, and more than a few noxious treatments in between.  It is difficult to be sure what to do.  Doctors all have a favourite treatment that has been successful for their particular patients but we are all so very different.  Each individual reacts differently, has different preferences and different needs.  Some of those medicinal treatments have done wonders for some people and not others.  Why?  Because we are all different.  I can’t take the medicines because I react badly to them.  Do I give up?  Nhat! I have tried some of the herbal remedies etc., etc., etc.  I think I will just keep looking, evaluating and occasionally trying different things.  It’s an adventure.  As long as I can keep on the positive side of this disease it’s ok.  And yes there is a positive side.  I have a better understanding of people with disabilities in particular and individuals in general.  Mostly people are good.  They are frightened, unsure, and even angry but they do mean well.  Honestly.  Of course there will always be a schmuck or two in the crowd.  It’s amazing how wheeling over a toe or two can bring them down to earth.  Did I say that out loud?  I would never . . . Definitely some advantages.

Breathing.  Silly to think that we may not really know how to breathe.  I mean we actually do it a trillion times a day. I’m exaggerating. Maybe only a couple of billion times a day.  I read an article that said we (modern Homo sapiens) have become shallow breathers.  Rarely do we inhale deeply, expanding our chests to their maximums.  I don’t think I would enjoy inhaling deeply on a busy downtown street.  If the carbon monoxide didn’t get you the miasma associated with a couple of million people would.  Whew.  But it is true.  While no one wants to expand his or her chest on a busy street, we can and should do it privately.  When you inhale deeply your chest expands, your shoulders go back, and your entire body stretches.  It is a great feeling.  It may take a while to get the hang of it but try doing it a couple of times a day to start.  I guarantee that when you get the hang of it you will want more.  Maybe a trend will start. People will hold Chest Expanding Seminars where together women can expand their chests and men can . . . well maybe not.  But do try it. It doesn’t cost anything, isn’t taxable and is legal.  Now that is a subversive thought don’t you think?