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I own a Stupid Phone.


What you ask is a Stupid Phone?  It is a cell phone that makes, wait for it, phone calls.  It does not surf the web, it does not send emails, it does not calculate the rate at which people lose brain cells.  I punch in the number of the person I wish to speak to and this Stupid Phone connects to that person.  And I love it!

I know a great many people who have Smart Phones.  They spend all their time on these clever devices and less time talking to other people.  Oh yes the art of talking!  It involves the use of a mouth connected to vocal cords, a brain and someone to converse with.  There are no wires or pretty flashing buttons to impede the conversation,  just two people with something to say and the ability to listen.  Ahhhhhh the good old days!

I sit in a wheelchair.  I write using a computer and a program that allows me to speak as the computer types.  I also have a laptop for use on the go and a tablet that allows me to read because I can no longer hold a book.  I guess this means I’m going to have to give up my membership in the Luddite Consortium.

I used to love to camp in the wilderness.  There were no televisions, no radios, no computers or phones of any kind.  A Luddite oasis.  And then MS reared its ugly head and I was bound to technology.  I own a computer, television, radio, alarm clock, wheelchair… the list appears endless.  I’m a prisoner of the modern age.  I am bound to technology by chains of necessity.  Oh woe is me!  Seriously, the pity card?!  I’ve got it damn lucky and I should be thankful for what I have!

I am thankful.  I live in a country that takes care of me regardless of my disability and I have the financial wherewithal to afford the toys that make my life easier.  But I also miss the days when I could escape from technology.  I could sit beside a roaring fire and look out over a lake with no light pollution from a surrounding town.  I would listen to the sounds of the forest and the water and the sky.  I could hear animals rustling in the undergrowth, fish leaping out of the water with wild abandon and the haunting cry of a hawk hunting for its dinner.

Now I can hear the traffic whooshing by on a busy road outside my window.  I hear the hum of my computer and someone’s phone ringing as they are walking by on the street.  A technological world is full of white noise.  Because it’s always in the background we tend to ignore it and soon we don’t even hear it.  But some days I miss the sounds you get surrounded by nature.  It is no more quiet than civilization is, but somehow it is relaxing not jarring.

I will continue to use my technology and I will remember fondly those times when I was without it.  I will also continue to use my Stupid Phone.  It is my one dissent against a technological world that I need but do not want.