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Time is a thief

Stealing our lives

And all that is costly

Each day it revives

We fight to hold on

We fight to remain

Perhaps we are wrong

And it’s time to refrain

The battle to fight

The battle to win

Is the one that is lurking

So deeply within

Enjoy what you have

Enjoy who you are

Your time here is finite

Let the exit be far

In the Blink of an Eye


Seconds and minutes

Hours flitting by

Decades have passed

In the blink of an eye


Just moments ago

A new child was born

Then knees that were skinned

And hair that was shorn


Next dances and kisses

The girls and the boys

Years that go by

Now the price of the toys


A mortgage, a spouse

The whole package deal

Responsibilities build

This life it is real


After time you look back

To the highs and the lows

Some laughter, some smiles

And yes there were woes


But this life that was lived

Was yours for the taking

Remember it fondly

It was of your making