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Troll Bridge

We watched them kids patrolling above
In particular acts of wanton love.
Their giggles and laughter is noise to the ears
But sadly no sign of horror and fears.

It seems that perhaps a memory is lost
The Trolls of Troll Bridge would be the cost.
The whimsy in turn is somewhat remiss
No fantasy here, no magical bliss.

The children forget and the adults do too
Of the creatures that lurk so close to you.
So now out of sight has meaning galore
and out of mind, the creatures no more.

If strolling the bridge in the warmth of the night
Don’t look around or you will take fright.
Under the bridge or behind the next post
Is a world yet alive but closed to most.

The light of a troll



The light of a troll

Is darker than soot

Its the stuff they do eat

Like a fairy’s left foot

A troll’s frame of mind

Is twisted and dark

But humour they have

They laugh for a lark

Not evil or mean

Is a troll’s way of life

Just different from yours

But not one of strife

So fondly remember

The troll that you seek

And maybe one day

You will see a peek

Trolls they do wander

From here and from there

They’re hiding from us

In case you do care

But rarely in sight

Will a troll let you see

The way that they live

Is wonderfully free

(image courtesy socialmediadiyworkshop.com)