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Daily Quip

Understanding that knowledge is the real power.






I have taken a dip

In the pool of yesterdays

Memories swirl

And coalesce

They ripple and collide

With my dreams of yore


I am swimming

In the lake of yesterday

Where tears and laughter

Reside side by side

Faces and names

Of people long gone


I am treading water

In the sea of yesterday

Where all my tomorrows

Waited to be known

Soon to join

The tides of the past


I am seeking shelter

in the oceans of my memories

there is comfort in the past

and understanding perhaps

as I wander through

the rivers of yesterday



This was inspired by Edward Roads at http://mytwosentences.com/

You should check him out. Quite inspiring!

I don’t understand!


 Mar 12 2014 015

I went to university but I never studied aeronautics or mechanical engineering.  I don’t understand how a metal cylinder that weighs a thousand tons can fly.  But I trust that it will when I buy my ticket.  I didn’t go to medical school so I don’t understand the mechanics of the human body.  Regardless, I appreciate this soft, spongy envelope that I inhabit.  I never studied neurology or psychology so I don’t understand how my brain works.  But mine seems to be working just fine.  I can appreciate that we are all different even when we all have the same squishy innards.  I like that about me, and you.

I don’t understand how some people can hate other people they have never met.  I hate beets.  I’ve tasted them and I don’t like the flavour.  That is a reason to hate something.  I’m sure people all over the world love beets, I’m not one of them.  When I was a child I hated peas.  I didn’t have to taste them to realize they were awful.  I hated them because of their name: peas.  Why on earth would you name something, that I now know to be delicious, after a bodily function that we don’t like to do in public?  What I once believed to be awful I now know to be awfully good.

Some people hate others simply because of their name or some other label that is ultimately meaningless.  How can you hate something or someone you don’t know?  Hatred is an emotion that must be taught.  It can be taught through actions or through indoctrination or worst of all through words.  For the first time my life I have accepted the fact that there are those who want to kill me simply because I am alive.

This will sound very strange and perhaps self-serving but I don’t hate them back.  I wonder at how awful a person’s life must be that their only recourse is to hate.  My death will not make their life any better and I don’t think they realize that.  My parents never taught me to hate but they did teach me the value of each and every one of us on this planet.  I do not believe those people that choose to hate know that.  Maybe one day they will.