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Snowflakes are falling

A gentle whisper they make

Their silence is golden

But we must awake


They cover our world

In a blanket of snow

It’s just like a river

With a meandering flow


Ugly is hidden

Only beauty remains

But then there’s a issue

Your car may need chains


The shovel is near

With your name on the grip

The sidewalk is waiting

You don’t want to trip


Bend with your knees

You know how it’s done

Take time to remember

Those days in the sun


The chill holds your bones

In an icy deep blast

With fear in your heart

You know more is forecast!

Brrrrr . . .



The tip of my nose

Gets cold when it snows

But the top of my head

Stays warm like I said


With a coat and a hat

And a scarf that is fat

I’ll weather the storm

With everything warm


But now down below

Something else is aglow

Two knees and some toes

They’re cold they disclose


I’ll soon make them warm

With the appropriate form

Blankets and shoes

Your choice now you choose


So winter is here

For awhile yet I fear

So enjoy it I say

Each moment, each day.