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Guardian Bob #writephoto

  This picture is part of a challenge by Sue Vincent at scvincent.com. Participants must use this image as inspiration. I would like to submit this Micro Story for your amusement.

Guardian Bob


“Bob. BOB.  BOB!”


“You were dozing off.  A seagull just pooped on your nose!”

“Damn birds!”

“So . . . whatcha doing?”

“I’m sleeping, you knucklehead!  I was sleeping . . . Why did you wake me up?”

“I’m bored.”

“Seriously?!!  We have a beautiful vantage point!  We can watch sweet young things bathe in the nude! We can see for miles.  The air is clean and . . .”

“I’m bored.”

“Ok, ok.  Let’s pack up and go home.  You get the car.”

#writephoto The Sentence

This picture is part of a challenge by Sue Vincent at scvincent.com. Participants must use this image as inspiration. I would like to submit this Micro Story for your edification or perhaps your amusement.

A little background:  A circle of standing stones is called a henge. It is a prehistoric monument believed to have been used for ritualistic purposes or perhaps to mark astronomical events. The manner in which they were built is still up for debate. The following is my submission for how.

The Sentence

“Will the accused please stand.”

On shaky knees he stood. His hands grasped the table in front of him. He was afraid to breathe.

“AnokCranor. You have been found guilty of conspiring to commit genocide. You and your fellow conspirators attempted to eradicate the people on a planet in the Milky Way. Fortunately, your attempt was thwarted but the millions of people that died must be avenged.  It is our way.”

There was silence in the court.

“The others await your arrival.  You will all be taken from this place and incarcerated for a term of no less than 10,000 years. Each of you will be encased within a standing stone.  All 20 of the conspirators will then be transported to earth to be erected in to what the indigenous population call a henge. You will bear witness to the people you so desperately tried to destroy.  It is fitting that you will reside on the planet that you deemed unfit. May you live for 10,000 years and may they show mercy upon your soul.”


The Waterfall #writephoto


“What do you think! Teddy used to bring me here. He said it was a spot nobody knew about and it was all ours.”

Two women stood at the edge of a small grotto flanked by a diminutive waterfall. It was an idyllic setting. One woman was bubbling with excitement, the other seemed thoughtful, pensive.

As the first woman started to make her way down to the water, the second woman hesitated. She watched her friend pick her way slowly through the vegetation and wondered if she ever questioned the absence of her old boyfriend. He should not have hurt her. He would never hurt anyone ever again.

“I wonder if Teddy ever came back here?” An innocent question.

Libby smiled. “Oh, I’m sure he’s all tied up somewhere.”

#write/photo The Wall

Once again Sue Vincent intrigued me with a photo!  Check her out at: https://scvincent.com

The Wall

“Jimmy come here!  Look!  It’s just like I said!  You can see them!”

The excited young boy gestured wildly to his older brother. The two were out on an early-morning trek to explore The Wall. Jason had never known life before it had been erected but Jimmy had. It was a different world back then.

“Jimmy look! Look through this hole! Is that them?” Eyes wide with wonder and excitement he could only look through the small void in The Wall and ask his brother.

The boy to whom all the questions were directed was a little less excited.

“I told you we shouldn’t be here. We could get in trouble.”

Jimmy turned to leave but he glanced back to see if his brother was following. He wasn’t. Jason was still glued to the small break in The Wall that showed him a world beyond his. With the innocence of a child he questioned why they couldn’t go over there and play.

“You don’t remember the plague.” Jimmy spoke quietly. “You don’t remember all the people dying and the fear. We were scared.”  A single tear slipped down his cheek.

Jason too was quiet. He knew the stories. They were taught in school. About the time when a quarter of the world’s population died because people didn’t react quickly enough or responsibly enough. A preventable outcome.  They didn’t know. So, people died. The rest of the world protected themselves. They say the plague is still out there, just waiting for somebody foolhardy enough to travel.

The two boys walked home slowly. They felt safe in the knowledge that they were protected by The Wall.

#writephoto. Together

It worked.  It really worked.  It is  small consolation to those who didn’t make it.  But we did.  We did what needed to be done and the result?  Well, look around.  Lakes and streams are clear, wild life is once again thriving and the air . . . the air is clean, almost sweet.  The oceans are teaming with healthy, vibrant fish.  There is no haze around the sun or the moon.  The beaches are pristine.  Our planet is healing.  Finally, we got something right.  All it took was removing us from the equation. We were almost too late.  Now we can rest, together.



This part of Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo prompt.  You really need to check her blog out:  https://scvincent.com/

#writephoto: My Beloved

It is time Beloved.  One thousand years ago we angered the gods with our love. Our punishment was to be imprisoned in the rock cliffs overlooking our home. We were crude caricatures. I could no longer touch your gentle skin or kiss your sweet lips. They were jealous.

You wept stone tears as we spent decades watching our castle, our home, disintegrate. Now it is only a ruin. We watched our children and our children’s children and we were proud. But no longer did we have the voice to tell those we loved. When the last of our family was gone you could not stay. Your spirit died within the shell of the Stone. And I was alone.

I could not weep. I could not scream at the injustice of the centuries we spent watching, all because we dared to love. Perhaps it is hope that kept me standing as a sentinel. Perhaps the gods would not allow me the release of death.  Perhaps I was afraid. Will you be waiting for me my Beloved? Will the gods be satisfied, our punishment complete? I have only memories now and I seek oblivion. Beloved.


This mini tale is based on the accompanying photo supplied by the intrepid Sue Vincent on her Thursday photo prompt:  Keep #writephoto

Check her out!  You will not be disappointed.   https://scvincent.com/


“David, DAVID!!”

A sleepy David came into the room, rubbing his eyes, “What?”

“Where did you get this picture, WHERE?”

The urgency in Angel’s voice brought David fully awake, “There was an old camera in the attic. I took it to a friend last week who works with old film and he got this from a roll left inside. It’s kinda creepy but . . .”

“He’s still here!!”

“Who and where? What are you talking about?”

“He was banished to Hell but there are rumours he still has ways to get over. He’s in the picture. When you developed the film you allowed him access to our world! What have you done?

Angel was upset, she put her head in her hands and started to weep.

“I was sent here to protect you all but I’m not strong enough to beat him face to face. The Devil will win this time.”

David grabbed the picture from the table. Angel had dropped it face done. He turned it over. There, in the window just barely peeking out . . . was it him?


This is written for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo photo prompt #writephoto.  I hope you enjoyed it.

#writephoto Caretakers


They stood all in a row. Bowed with age. He was the last, the last of his kind. Those that had once stood proudly with him had slowly succumbed to time. It was their punishment: to watch the distance land flourish with the life they had tried to control.

Once they had walked the earth and then they ran with no thought of the destruction, the chaos, they left in their wake. They did not understand. They were caretakers and they failed, miserably.

They stood all in a row, the last of human kind encased in stone.


This is my submission for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo and her Thursday photo prompt. – Distant #writephoto. Usually I am content to enjoy the work of others but this time I was compelled to join in. You might want to look at her site, you won’t regret it.